Thursday, April 5, 2007

QotW10: My Second Life Is A Box of Chocolates

My short-lived second life wasn't all that rosy. I was excited but the technical difficulties that I faced pissed the hell off me. Everything was all fine and dandy initially. Unfortunately, the trouble started the next time I logged in.

Firstly it was the 'laggy-ness', I couldn't walk around without imitating some female bot who needed urgent oiling. Then it was the Orientation Island bit, I couldn't proceed with the tasks at all for some reason. Then the program kept hanging and crashing on me and not long after, my alter ego could walk on automation through walls and disappear into grass patches. I tried many, many times quitting and relogging and after what seemed like the 20th attempt, I gave up the stupid idea. Thereafter I terminated my account and decided to start anew. Life sucks; I experienced the same old problems with the new account! I was being teleported repeatedly to this place called Morris. I swear, that island's cursed. Second Life, do something!

It was impossible getting out of that darned place into another because Dionne (yup, we have the same name) had a fondness for going berserk. I was bewildered, depressed, and lonely.

My only friend was a purple dragon.

It didn't help that I had boobs the size of watermelons, an ass that could suffocate, and two fluffy ponytail bun-things. I was a nightmare! Finally, I came to my senses and decided to stop trying to get out. What was meant to be was meant to be. Instead, I focused my energies on being trigger-happy. I found a funny guy by the name of Kazin Klees who seemed lost. Taking advantage, I stood next to the poor thing and subjected him to endless photo taking.

I was thinking if he would ever notice me.

Oh, so he did.

Stop doing that weird para-para hand dance. Show off.

Shortly, I met another strange stranger Manon Bing who allowed me the liberty of snapping us together while she was in stone mode.


And still stoning.

I got bored waiting for her to react so I proceeded to do some more limited exploring. Thank God an angel by the name of Jeremiah Baxter gave me some freebies and clothes. Hooray!

After my extreme makeover I felt so much better. No more china doll wannabe!

The last person whom I got hold of for a snapshot turned out to be classmate Daphne's character Velvet.

What a coincidence. Finally, a friend!

And one final momento of that horrid place Morris.

(I know I know, I have trouble looking directly into the camera.)

With that I concluded my Second Life virgin experience that was full of surprises (pleasant and unpleasant). As Forrest Gump says, life is a box of chocolates; you never know what you gonna get.